donderdag 12 september 2013


Personal information

Fanny Zaman 1972

Higher Education/ Research Projects

2012: WIELS residency program, Brussels, Belgium
2009-2010: Advanced Performance Training, Brussels, Belgium
2000-2002: HISK, Belgium
1999: University, Cultural Studies Speciality Film Brussels Belgium
1992-1996: Academy of Fine Art Visual art Antwerp, Belgium


2013: LOCAL (DRAFT VERSION) WIELS Brussels, Belgium
2012: DplusOne, FIDMarseille France, Galeries Cinéma, Brussels, Belgium
2010: Song Mountain area, THE CENTRE DIRECTION, FIDMarseille France, Netwerk Aalst, Belgium, Galeries Cinéma, Brussels Belgium
2008: Surface, FIDMarseille France

Residency & travel

2012: WIELS Brussels, Belgium
2010: PAF, Reims, France
2009: PAF, Reims, France
2009: In-Transit, Berlin, Germany
2005: Cité des arts Parijs, France
2001: HISK Brooklyn, New York, US


2013 Inhabiting the Surface, Fanny Zaman, trope-editions
2010 Part 01 Song Mountain area, THE CENTRE DIRECTION Fanny Zaman, Jean-Pierre Rehm, a.pass
from 2007: online trope-editions
2002: Surfaces et Profondeurs, Fanny Zaman, Arnaud Claass in OUT 2002,  HISK

woensdag 8 december 2010


PART01 SONG MOUNTAIN AREA THE CENTRE DIRECTION (book and DVD) presents a portrait of a mountain. The mountain is situated in the Chinese district Dengfeng in the centre of Henan province. The mountain is holy and the area "energetic" and famous for its martial arts tradition.
The mountain base is inhabited and the surrounding area is mainly a mining district. This combination of activities, this coalition of dust and bodies, is it coincidental, collateral or merely a minor detail in the eternal realms of Chinese cosmology?
THE CENTRE DIRECTION is a critical portrait of a mountain at the crossroad of rumours, facts and choreography.

With contributions of Jean-Pierre Rehm (F) and Leslie de Vries (B)

author: Fanny Zaman (B)
publisher: a.pass
book 48 pages
DVD: 37 min.

ISBN: 978-94-90500-0-23
price: 20 euro
contact and order: